Creating a website on servers is fun and easy.

Start by going to and logging in with your username and password.  Email us if you need help with this or if what you seet does not look like the screen in the next photo. and logging in

You can manage every aspect of your website from here, but to create a new website, click on

 “Launch Web Presence Builder”

Launch Web Presence Builder

We have predefined a LOT of typical businesses. Choose the one that is most like yours. In this example we’re choosing a Tea & Coffee Store.

predefined a LOT of typical businesses

Enter some basic information.

Enter some basic information

Your website is created and you are taken to your main editing screen where you can add Menu items, modules (like a shopping cart), contact forms, and much, much more.

your main editing screen

Use the “Help” and “User’s Guide” to get information about specific functions of the Web Presence Builder.

Help and Users Guide