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Powerful Websites Designed and Managed by People You Know and Trust.

Your team at The Energy Grid will learn about your business and your web-related goals. We'll work closely with you to build the website you need, using state-of-the-art internet technology. In addition, we will build it to suit your level of computer proficiency so that you can make basic changes to your site -- about as easily as you can send an email.
We offer 'everything you need' including email accounts, search engine visibility, shopping carts, and more. From the very basic to the extremely technical, we have the full range of services you need.

Our Hosting Packages

Domain Names: $14.95/year.

Every website starts with a domain name (like "") Our annual fee includes more than just registering the domain -- but managing it as well. You'll be able to safely ignore the dubious messages that all domain owners get about expiring domains and losing your name. We take care of everything. If your credit card changes and the annual charge does not go through you won't lose your domain name -- you'll get a phone call from us. Registering a domain name through us does not require that you host your website with us.

Webspace Plan: $14.95 month.

This includes the space you need to host your website, a control panel, email accounts, and a database (in case you need one). We manage and maintain the server that this space is on; providing backups, the operating system, internet connection and all server-related activities. You maintain the website itself. If you need service such as website edits, restoring from backup, virus removal, or updates then these can all done at additional charge at any time by us or other web development companies.

Basic Support Plan: $24.95 per month.

This plan is ideal if you already have a great website and want us to maintain it. As well as providing for technology updates for the website itself (Joomla or Wordpress version/security updates), we also handle any virus/malware removal, basic search engine visibility, restoring backups if needed, and miscellaneous website work (about ¼ hr) should you need something changes or added.


Full Support: $44.95 per month.

Complicated websites need ongoing work. This includes Joomla and Wordpress upgrades (when a major version change happens), 3rd party addon support if your site has been customized, up to an hour of website content work, and everything you need to keep your site in top operating condition.

Customized Support Plan, Contact us for a Quote.

If your company requires specialty work, please let us know and we'll design a package for you. This can include custom program, e-commerce development, channel management, and much more.

Search Engine Optimization and Advertising

search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization
. To appear on the front page of Google, Yahoo, or others when prospective customers type certain words, strategic optimization is needed. Often this involves choosing the words we want and using them in the titles, text, and photo desctiptions of your site. There are several articles on this website that discuss the topics.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising. This method of advertising can be highly effective, or highly wasteful depending on how it is set up and managed. The support we provide assures you of the best possible value for your advertising investments. Read More

Marketing on the Web. The internet is a complex and constantly changing marketplace. It is riddled with opportunity and pitfalls. We help you understand how best to position and promote your product on the web.

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