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Installing Solar Panels in New York


A solar electric system, also called a photovoltaic or PV system, is made of special panels that generate electricity when exposed to the sunlight. It can literally spin the electric meter backwards, providing you free electricity day and night!


Watch your electric meter run backwards! A solar electric system protects you from future rate increases and allows you to lock in the cost of electricity for the next 30+ years. Electric rates are increasing 33% to 133% per year. With the purchase of a solar electric system, you can reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill.


Installing Solar Panels in New York
Solar electric systems supply clean, fixed-price solar electricity. When the system is generating more electricity than you are using, the excess solar energy is sent to the utility grid, spinning your meter backwards during the day. The midday solar energy is “sold back” to the utility at peak utility rates, giving you the highest value for the excess energy you generate.  This is called “Net-Metering.”

Solar electric power works very well for most homes in the our area. A south facing roof is best, but panels can be mounted on west or east facing roofs and still provide significant power.

Solar electric systems only create electricity during sunny days. At night, your utility company provides the power. The solar system will function on cloudy days, just not as efficiently. Under a light overcast sky, panels might produce about half as much as under full sun.

 The size of your system is determined by many things, including electrical usage, the size, angle and orientation of your roof, how much of the roof area is shaded, among other things. To approximate how many panels you will need for your home, multiply your daily electrical demand in kilowatt hours by 0.25. The number of kilowatt hours represents the size of the solar array you will need, in kilowatt hours. our company will use solar calculators and weather data over the past several years to determine how much you can expect from your solar electric system.

 A solar electric system will not directly provide heat to your home or heat hot water. Our solar power systems are designed to provide electricity to run your lights, appliances and other electrical devices in your home.


These systems require little to no maintenance. Our solar panels can withstand high winds, snow and hail with no problem and are guaranteed for 20 years. Because there are no moving parts in a solar electric system, there is very little to go wrong. Make sure the modules are clear of bird droppings and dirt and trees aren’t shading the system. Also, make sure the system is working optimally during the year by glancing at the metering system from time to time. Other than that…keep smiling every time you see the sun, knowing it is working for you all day long.

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