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I don't like listening to my voice mails. Do you? They're long, often rambling, and take time to retrieve. Not anymore.

Currently at the top of my personal "Coolest things on the web" list is a free service from Google that will take any voicemails you receive, transcribe them, then send them to you as a txt message and/or email.

Here's How.

Log on to your google account. Ig you don't have one, create one.

Go to  (login again if needed).

Check "! want a new number" and select one.

The system will ask for your mobile number. Provide it. It will call the number to verify it's yours and ask you to enter the two digit number you see on the screen. It will also allow you to speak a greeting. Go ahead and record your name and a standard "Please leave a message" greeting.

Choose a phone number you like, although you will probably never use this number.





If your email is being hosted at, you'll need some or all of this this information:

Your username (which is your full email address) and password.

Account Type: IMAP       (the choice is POP or IMAP)

Incoming Mail Server:  (also called Mail server, IMAP, or POP server)

Outgoing or SMTP server (

Outgoing server requires password authentication, use same settings as your incoming server.  If you are asked for a username and password for the SMTP server, it is your email address and password.

Server Ports:

Incoming 993 SSL

Outgoing 465 SSL (or 587 TLS)

You can also get your mail online by going to and logging in.

For more detailed instructions:

Desktop Clients: Outlook  |  Thunderbird | Apple (Mac) Mail | Other IMAP Clients

Mobile Devices/ Tablets: Apple iPhone/iPad | Windows 7 Mobile |  Android (Samsung, Google Nexus etc) Other mobile IMAP Clients

You can also choose to download and use the native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices for using advanced features in Zoho Mail via mobile. 

Have you noticed the internet is changing?

How many times do you go to buy something and, instead of typing it in Google, type it Amazon? Amazon, as well as having an impact on retailers like Walmart, is taking search away from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The solution is called “Channel Management.”

Our Channel Management software uses a huge database of your products to submit them to Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, Jet, and more. The frequent updates that this software does keeps listings fresh and showing up well on the Internet shopping sites.

If you have an E-Commerce site, you’ll be able to use Channel Management to open new markets and increase sales.

Call us to talk about Channel Management and see if this selling strategy is right for you.




Typically, a web designer's first question will be "What do you want your website to say?" Because we are energy professionals: LEED accredited with time on the rooftops, we can provide the articles you need to sell your services. Here are some samples of our work that can be customized to your website.

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