Mark C. Robinson Resume and CV

About Mark C Robinson


Mark C. Robinson Servicing a PV System in El Cajon, CA.


Mark C. Robinson, Principal of The Energy Grid, has over 40 years of experience in Energy and Information Systems. Founder of multiple successful businesses, he has a proven track record of introducing innovation and new technologies. Drawing on resources in these previously divergent areas, Robinson promotes awareness, use, and adoption of new technologies.


The invention and adoption of new technologies require people to bridge the gap between the technological inventors and the end users. This requires an ability to understand and participate in the creation of these technologies alongside the leadership and communication skills to create the companies that promote them. I bring new ideas to life.

  • AI (of course!)
  • Internet Marketing / Search Engine Optimization
  • Information Systems: Computers, Networks, Internet, Most major applications
  • Solar Energy, Photovoltaics / Inverter Technology
  • Communication: Writing, Presenting, and Training
  • Business Management, Business Development, Leadership
  • “Make Things Better”
Experience and Qualifications

The Energy Grid. October 2002 to Present

Consulting the Renewable Energy industry
Web Design and Hosting for Innovative Companies
Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

“Throughout history, shortages of vital resources and energy have driven innovation and marked significant technological advancements. These include The Iron Age, The Industrial Revolution, and The Computer Age. Our next shift, from oil to abundant renewable sources, will be marked by the unification of the concepts of energy and information.”

  • Internet Marketing and website design and consulting services.
  • Design and hosting of over 200 energy-related and other web presences.
  • Inverter service and support to PV dealers nationwide.
  • Support, Search marketing, and hosting for, President and Founder.  2001 – 2023 manufactures and provides products to the animal health industry. The signature product is the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, invented and patented by Mark C. Robinson. The company employs 50 people in a 10,000 sqm facility in Amherst, NH, and Nevada and sells over $12M annually in 22 countries. The e-commerce website receives as many as 100,000 visitors a day. Featured on Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” shark tank episode.

Handicapped Pets, renamed Lintbells, UK, acquired Walkin’ Pets in December 2022.

HydroPhi, Board of Directors. 2014 – 2016

HydroPhi, Atlanta, GA, manufactures a hydrogen generator installed in single-pulse diesel trucks to enable them to meet pollution standards and save fuel.

Handicapped Pets Foundation, Chairman – a 501c3 non-profit. 2008 – Present

  • The Handicapped Pets Foundation supports pet caretakers who need equipment for their pets.

Wheels For Pets, LLC, President and Founder. 2008 – 2022

  • This company holds the patent for the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair and sells it to distributors and veterinarians. Walkin’ Wheels is the only dog wheelchair that adjusts to fit any size dog.

Nextek Power Systems,  Vice President of Sales and Marketing. 2003 – 2007

Develop the sales and marketing channel for this innovative renewable energy technology.

  • Develop and manage distribution channels through major solar resellers
  • Create, train, and organize a nationwide Dealer Network.
  • Work with major National accounts like Home Depot, Target, Republic, and regional supermarket chains.
  • Coordinate approvals with LIPA, CEC, CPA, LADWP, and other agencies.
  • Create internal infrastructure for Sales Management.
  • Design and maintain the internet marketing strategy and company website.
  • Publicize the product, write articles, and create presentations.

Beacon Power, Wilmington, MA. Contract consultant through March 1, 2003.

Beacon Power produces flywheels, a battery alternative. To enter a broader market, they considered acquiring the intellectual property of Advanced Energy (see below). I was contracted to support them in the performance of their due diligence.

  • Work with Beacon engineers to thoroughly understand the product.
  • Investigate integration of inverter technology with the flywheel.
  • Design a test and validation plan for the products.
  • Create a channel distribution and service plan so Beacon can “hit the ground running” if awarded the assets.
  • Outline a field upgrade program to repair units already in the field.
  • Investigate market opportunities for the flywheel storage system in the PV industry and the cell tower power backup applications.

Advanced Energy, Inc. Wilton, NH. Director of Customer Service and Information Systems. August 2000 to Oct 2002.

Created, operated, and staffed the customer service department. Designed and implemented systems, policies, and strategies to develop and support our dealer network. Prepared a business development plan for direct dealer sales.

  • They are coordinated with service departments at major solar companies and system providers.
  • Worked closely with hundreds of dealers and installers nationwide to provide support for AEI products. Created an Authorizing Servicing Dealer Program.
  • It is specified, tested, and validated for new software releases.
  • Trained and managed the staff of the customer service department.
  • Sales Support: presented our service department plan to large customers and potential investors.
  • I worked with Dr. Robert Wills, VP of Engineering, to create new products and visions for the industry.
  • Created and maintained the Advanced Energy website.
  • Created and maintained the software and hardware systems at Advanced Energy.
  • Licensed Master Electrician

Computer Empowerment Seminars. Amherst, NH. June 1999 to August 2001 – Corporate training, speaking, technology consulting. Founder and President

    • She has held corporate and public training seminars and keynote speaker engagements.
    • Designed and installed numerous NT/Windows 2000/Exchange 5.0 WAN systems
    • Designed and created several mission-critical Access applications.
    • Author: Dancing with computers – do you still scream when you see a mouse
  • Earned Microsoft Certified Professional status.

Computer & Network Services, Inc.,  Peterborough, NH – Business technology support services. Founder and President from 1989 to June 1999. 

  • Designed, installed, and supported over 1,500 computer and network systems
  • Established and maintained Novell, NT, and legacy networks.
  • Trained and led a team of 8 highly motivated professionals.
  • Conceived, produced, and marketed new products like the CNS GlobalNet™ Gateway.
  • Trained and supported over 750 users in all Microsoft Office programs
  • Specified and implemented over 50 websites and e-commerce sites for clients
  • Designed the Bagelworks Regional Communication system
  • Sold, managed, and supported WANS for national clients, including IDG, Byte, Yankee
  • Project manager for Teleflex shop floor management system
  • Project manager for Cheshire Oil fuel management system
  • Created a non-technical marketing method called Computer Empowerment Seminars

Curtis Manufacturing, Jaffrey, NH – Import and manufacturing of computer accessories. Director of Operations, 1985 – 1988

  • Designed and implemented the operations, purchasing, and MIS departments.
  • Negotiated and purchased products from Taiwan
  • We have implemented a complete ACCPAC accounting and Excel-assisted MRP system.

Honeywell Protection Services, Manchester, NH – Commercial Burglar/Fire alarms. Sales Representative, 1978 – 1983

Top sales representative in the region and nationally for Honeywell’s Protection Services Division. Sold burglar and fire alarms to small and large businesses and national accounts. Succeeded by combining sales skills with technical knowledge. Created several new national arrangements for the branch, including Brookstone, EMS, Sanders, and more. Government Security clearance awarded by U.S. Defense Industry Security Clearance Office for work with Kollsman Instrument Corp.


Degree in Business Management from the University of Southern New Hampshire. LEED Accredited. Microsoft Certification. Licensed Master Electrician. Divemaster (New in 2023).