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The Energy Grid provides grant-writing services to renewable energy companies.

The government has committed to increasing the use and production of solar electric power, hydropower, and solar shade structures to harness the sun’s energy. This will be accomplished by financially funding projects and funding the education of the general public that the sun is a clean energy source.

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans’ concerns about the environment have reached a twenty-year low, and global warming is the environmental issue Americans are least worried about. In contrast, Gallup also found that more than half of Americans believe that jobs and the economy are the top problems currently facing the nation. The state regulators approved a hike in California to raise the average residential bill by $85. The goal for all of us in the energy business is to educate business and residential consumers that there is an immediate need to reduce our dependency on the oil industry.

This past year has presented several new challenges to the economic times we are facing; at the same time, there is significant progress for the solar industry in several key directions.

As we have seen so visibly after the election of the present administration, $457 billion has been funded through the DOE (Department of Energy), NIST (National Institute of Technology), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and, in some states, the Energy Commissions. These funds hold great potential for R&D, collaborations, project funding, and other initiatives in solar and other sustainable areas.   Additionally, an international group of companies representing a wide range of energy producers and users anticipates investing up to $225 million in research over the next five years.
The Economic Stimulus Package 2009 is a historic opportunity for you to receive grant funding to help you increase your strategic decisions in growing your business and serving your community. However, it does require someone who understands the funding programs. Some of these funds are being distributed to your state and local government.
For example, New York announced steps to strengthen the state’s renewable energy supply. It set aside about $280 million over five years for customer-sited renewable energy projects as part of the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) program. It will fund thousands of businesses to install solar panels, fuel cells, wind turbines, and other renewable energy devices. They approved an additional $150 million for large-scale solar photovoltaic, anaerobic digester, and fuel cell projects in the New York City Metropolitan area. They will receive millions more through the stimulus package.
In these difficult economic times, you can keep focusing on your long-term goals by applying for federal and state grant funding.

Grant funding will help the survival of your company. The process is arduous; however, the reward to your company could be millions. There are many applicants for these funds, and you want to be sure you are one of the successful applicants!

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By Vickie Powell, CEO of Bizquests, Inc
Federal grant reviewer for the DOE, EPA, and HRSA
and grant writer in the Clean Tech Industry