Energy information about your state - Department of energy database State Energy Consumption, Price, and Expenditure

PerfectSense - Indoor Air Quality Monitoring not only detects poisonous fumes but reacts by closing vents, turning on (or off) fans, and notifying a building management system.

The Quickbooks14500 Club - When Quickbooks Pro reaches 14,500 customers, it shuts down. Quickbooks requires you make an expensive upgrade to their Enterprise system. This is an alternative 'out of the box' solution. - Educational video to help Solar Installers educate their prospective customers.

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Battery Myths & Facts

Programs and Other resources for our clients:

Roboform - This application effectively organized all of your login names and passwords. An Outstanding utility.

Domain Hosting: Low Cost (6.99/yr)

Mailing List Management  - To manage your mailing list and send professional quality newsletters, we recommend StreamSend. Low cost, highly professional. Easy to use.

One of the most convenient methods of taking credit card is through paypal. They will process your transactions and the customer will never know that it is being done through paypal.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Search Engine Optimization: Extremely expensive, Almost $900. Because I use this for many clients, it pays for itself.

Affiliates Keyword Research Tool