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Global Warming Sea Level Rising

What will your city look like when the sea level rises? Meter by meter, see the impact as the ice caps melt and the water rises.

Pay-Per-Click Challenge

If you were a New Jersey Solar Installer, what would you pay to get someone in New Jersey searching for “Home Solar System” to your website? Currently, the cost for this click is between $1.00 and $1.50, charged to you only when the searcher clicks on your ad and gets to your website. Exciting? It’s called “Pay-Per-Click” and it can be a golden opportunity or a huge waste of money depending on how much you know.

Meta Tags Explained

I understand that Title, Keyword, and Description “meta tags” are invisible lines of code on a web page that impact search engine ranking. I’ve also read that search engines do not use the Keyword meta tag anymore. Is this true? If so, what’s the point of the Keyword meta tag?

Optimizing Your Website: Becoming Search Engine Ready

There were 75,202 searches on Yahoo in February for "Energy"... 35,375 for Solar Energy; 22,604 for Alternative Energy; 12,346 for Wind Energy; 38,675 for Solar Power; 20,517 for Wind Power; and 21,176 for Austin Powers. How many times did your website come up as a result?

Putting the Web to Work for Your Renewable Energy Business

The surge in public awareness about renewable energy comes at a time of rising energy costs and an improving political environment. The demand for solar, wind and efficiency systems is changing our industry -- and the companies that serve it. Selling renewable energy systems is going to get tougher as competition, and the sophistication of the competition, increases. That's why a well designed website is a key to success in this rapidly expanding market.

STC and PTC Ratings Solar

When shopping for a solar electric system for your home or business, make sure that the dealer that you are speaking with is quoting you in actual PTC rated kilowatt hours per day.