Mark C. Robinson - Founder and President of the Energy Grid

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Mark has been working with the evolution of technology since the late 70's. From early computers, to local area networks, to the internet he has worked with businesses to get the most from new and emerging technologies. As well as supplying service and support to over 300 companies, The Energy Grid provides support to several of Mark's other companies including,,,, and more.

As well as being the president of The Energy Grid, Mark is a customer and sets high standards for performance, reliability, and customer service.


Angela Bourne - Search & E-Commerce Manager

Angela Bourne has been with the company since 2004. She has seen the company grow to what it is today. She is certified in Google Analytics and AdWords. Angela enjoys animals of all types from mammals to reptiles.

Don DeMark - Manager

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Don’s passion is solving problems and helping companies grow. He has over 25 years helping companies strategically and tactically use Web and Ecommerce Technologies. He also is one of our software developers..

Katelyn Bourne - Senior Web Design Consultant

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Katelyn creates and maintains our websites. She enjoys working with customers on their sites and is fascinated by the different designs.

Alicia Buonamano - Social Media

Alicia is a recent graduate from Salve Regina University. She joined our team in June of 2015, and manages our platforms of social media. Alicia also takes part in devising our marketing and advertising strategies.