I don't like listening to my voice mails. Do you? They're long, often rambling, and take time to retrieve. Not anymore.

Currently at the top of my personal "Coolest things on the web" list is a free service from Google that will take any voicemails you receive, transcribe them, then send them to you as a txt message and/or email.

Here's How.

Log on to your google account. Ig you don't have one, create one.

Go to google.com/voice  (login again if needed).

Check "! want a new number" and select one.

The system will ask for your mobile number. Provide it. It will call the number to verify it's yours and ask you to enter the two digit number you see on the screen. It will also allow you to speak a greeting. Go ahead and record your name and a standard "Please leave a message" greeting.

Choose a phone number you like, although you will probably never use this number.