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Global Warming Sea Level Rising

Global Warming Sea Level Rising

What will your city look like when the sea level rises? Meter by meter, see the impact as the ice caps melt and the water rises.

Boston at 7 Meters is starting to look like an island.

New York, 10 Meters. Central Park is still above water, Secaucus and Queens don't fare as well. Don't land in La Guardia unless you have pontoons.

Sacramento at 5 Meters is a lake.

New Orleans is in trouble at 1 Meter.

Sea level has risen around 130 metres (400 feet) since the peak of the last ice age about 18,000 years ago. Most of the rise occurred before 6,000 years ago. From 3,000 years ago to the start of the 19th century sea level was almost constant, rising at 0.1 to 0.2 mm/yr. Since 1900 the level has risen at 1 to 3 mm/yr;[1] since 1992 satellite altimetry from TOPEX/Poseidon indicates a rate of rise about 3 mm/yr.[2]

Sea level rise can be a product of global warming through two main processes: expansion of sea water as the oceans warm, and melting of ice over land. Global warming is predicted to cause significant rises in sea level over the course of the twenty-first century.


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